“We certainly consider budgeting a mission critical activity…BudgetPak is a software that does it all for you. It automatically does your roll ups; it automatically takes care of everything.” 

Jon Ter Louw, Financial Analyst, Georgia Municipal Association 


Member satisfaction is vital. 

ASSOCIATIONS LIKE YOURS work hard to provide exceptional services and programs, offering a broad network of shared resources to support and enhance your members’ professional pursuits. 

Strategic budgeting is key.

IN TODAY'S TOUGH ECONOMIC TIMES, associations must manage a delicate balance of revenue generation with program initiatives, advocacy, and member retention. It is an ever-shifting landscape – and long-term viability hangs in the balance. Now is the time to build a better budget. 

Put your budgetary process to the test. 

Ask these important questions to gauge the efficacy of your current financial planning system: 

  • Is your staff struggling with Excel-based templates? 
  • Is it difficult to track everyone’s progress? 
  • Is your system error prone and time consuming?
  • Do you have a hard time maintaining historical data during employee turnover?
  • Is it challenging to evaluate and revise budgets throughout the year? 
  • Do you and your board members have limited transparency into the rationale behind the numbers? 
  • Are you struggling with employees’ lack of budgetary engagement, accountability, and ownership
  • Have you experienced difficulty tying the strategy to the budget?

Your budget should support your goals. BudgetPak is here to help. 

  • Build flexible, program-based budgets that are easily revised throughout the year…to keep in step with members’ shifting needs.
  • Engage employee participation in the budget process…to increase ownership and accountability.
  • Give staff a convenient way to document supporting details…to improve communication and transparency.
  • Easily produce real-time and historical reports…to facilitate informed planning and board member understanding.
  • Automate tedious manual processes…to improve accuracy and gain time for analysis – plus a faster budgeting cycle.
  • Keep strategy at the forefront of fiscal planning…to achieve your organizational goals. 




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Empowering GMA employees to take greater responsibility for their numbers, while tying budgeting to the business strategy...


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XLerant provides cloud-based budgeting, forecasting, and reporting solutions designed with easy-to-use interfaces that make a complex process accessible for finance teams and budget managers alike. XLerant's software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions serve small to mid-size enterprises that value collaborative environments as an effective way to engage employees and achieve their strategic objectives. The company's premier product, BudgetPak, has been recognized for outstanding usability, quick implementation, and exceptional support.

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