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What Motivates Organizations to Abandon Excel Budgeting?

Budgeting, planning and forecasting are “mission critical” applications in most organizations today. A poor budgeting process is the number one reason why organizations miss their numbers. Implementing a process that appeals both to the financial organization, officially responsible for the budget, and the department heads, who own the results is hugely difficult. Poor capabilities from…    Read More

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Zombie Spreadsheets

Zombie spreadsheets should be dead – for all intents and purposes they should have been put in the ground long ago – but they refuse to die. Budget templates are the most prevalent form of zombie spreadsheets. They’re complex. They’re prone to error. They’re difficult or impossible to fully audit. Only a handful of people…    Read More

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Hacking the Budget

What’s the one thing every Finance person complains about if their organization uses Excel for ng? That users break links or overwrite formulas or somehow introduce errors into the spreadsheet that Finance worked so hard to create. Intentional hacking? Unintentional hacking? Doesn’t matter — the results are the same. The implications are truly frightening. A…    Read More

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15 Things You Can’t Do in Excel Budgeting (But Should)

Budgeting is “mission critical” in organizations today.  Yet many organizations still use Excel for budget preparation.  Many organizations have turned to Excel because their ERP systems had weak budgeting capabilities.  ERP systems were designed especially for financial people, with strict controls and transaction processing.  But successful budgeting involves non-financial department heads, requires flexibility, and account…    Read More

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The 7 Personas of Budgeting

The 7 Personas of Budgeting (Also known as: Persona Non Grata!) Imagine this:  It’s budget time, and you are surrounded… Surrounded by department heads that don’t have financial training, but do have their own agenda and quirky approach to budgeting. You probably don’t have to stretch to imagine it – as most finance teams live…    Read More

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