BudgetPak was created by the founders of XLerant, former finance and IT executives who had experienced first-hand the time-consuming frustrations of budgeting and forecasting with Excel-based templates, including challenges in managing version control, broken formulas and hidden errors.  And just as critical, they recognized the challenges Excel posed for budget managers and the impracticality of using Excel to effectively communicate how the final budget numbers will help to achieve the organization’s strategic plan.

Successfully engaging department managers in the budgeting process is possibly the single, most important element in achieving a budget with accurate estimates and increasing ownership of the numbers going forward. And put bluntly, most of these non-financial department heads hate Excel…and accordingly, they dread the budgeting process.

BudgetPak was designed to engage budget managers, with an intuitive non-Excel interface that walks them step-by-step through the process and allows them to document their reasons for each decision along the way. But as finance experts themselves, our founders didn’t overlook the needs of the finance team – with a complete solution of tools, controls, built-in reports…and the ability to integrate with Excel for custom data crunching. BudgetPak allows finance teams to focus on their area of expertise – ensuring the financial success of the organization.

At XLerant, we believe your time is better spent on analysis, not the process, and delivering strategic guidance instead of consolidating spreadsheets or fixing formulas. Ultimately, the budget needs to be a numerical expression of the strategic plan and that requires engagement, communication, and collaboration.