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  • The company’s premier product, BudgetPak, has been recognized for outstanding usability, quick implementation and exceptional support.

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    The implementation went very well and was even better than we expected. We have 110 budget managers and got zero complaints.

    - Cheryl Warner, Controller at Northwood University

    This is a real estate development company, so hardly anybody's in the office. The fact that they can log in from anywhere is very helpful.

    - Minden Dickson, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis at Hunt Companies

    BudgetPak is a software that does it all for you. It automatically does your roll ups; it automatically takes care of everything.

    - Jon Ter Louw, Financial Analyst at Georgia Municipal Association

    The best benefit for WJC is that the BudgetPak system saves us so much time. The manual three-day Excel forecast process can now be done in a matter of three hours; it's a huge change from the old process.

    - Dan Brent, CPA, CFO at William James College

    We have 100 happy users who would agree that BudgetPak makes our budgeting totally transparent and above reproach.

    - Jill Larsen, Chief Financial Officer at Texas Baptists

    We’ve found that our users really like BudgetPak compared to Excel. They love BudgetPak’s Turbo-Tax-like questionnaire format.

    - Brad Bertsch, Assistant Controller at Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company

    There are far more expensive products out there, but they are not as good as BudgetPak.

    - Jeff Ginsberg, Budget Director at Bunker Hill Community College

    We can now more efficiently tie the strategic plan initiatives to the budget.

    - Steve Rich, Vice President of Finance at Fisher College

    One thing we really like is the ability to document our assumptions. In other words, to put down what the money is going to be used for, how we came up with that number, and what goals we are achieving by spending the money.

    - Donna Farlow, Director of Budgeting at Union County College

    Yes, we got more flexibility and yes, we got more financial controls and formality to the process. But the culture change was the real goal. Managers are now much more attuned to their numbers.

    - Curt DeFriez, Controller at Western Governors University

    It's just a lot easier, because the budget officers can log into the solution whenever they want. And it leaves a good trail of information from one year to the next.

    - Stacey Buckingham, Dean for Financial Operations at John A. Logan College

    The system gives us a way to pull it all together and better utilize our funds where they are needed at the time, as opposed to just based on historical information.

    - Steve Miller, Assistant Controller at San Juan College

    Now when we start to work on a comparison of budget versus actual, we can do an accurate analysis about why we're over budget or under budget. It’s truly eye opening.

    - Hector Sanchez, CPA, Vice President of Finance at Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association

    Goodbye to spreadsheets and overly complex systems.

    - Bill Feher, Vice President of Finance - Compliance, at EMCOR Group, Inc.

    With BudgetPak, we have much more confidence in our numbers.

    - Anne Ilcus, Budget Administrator and Investment Analyst at Palm Beach Atlantic University

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