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We make budgeting with hundreds of participants possible…and painless!

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We're Different – By Design.

Our interface doesn’t look like Excel. It doesn’t look like any other budgeting software on the market. And that’s on purpose.

BudgetPak was created for organizations who want to engage lots of staff in the budgeting process. With award-winning ease-of-use, BudgetPak engages non-financial and financial managers alike.

Our Interactive Budget Map:

  • Orients each user to where they are in the process
  • Thoughtfully guides them through each step
  • Shares real-time progress to targets set by finance

“Yes, we got more flexibility and yes, we got more financial controls and formality to the process… But the culture was the real goal. Managers are now much more attuned to their numbers.”

- Curt DeFriez, Controller at Western Governors University

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  • Life is Better with BudgetPak

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  • The User Experience

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  • Moving From Excel

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  • When It's Time to Graduate From Excel…

    BudgetPak was created by finance and IT executives who had experienced the time-consuming frustrations of budgeting & forecasting with Excel.

    They recognized the challenges Excel posed for budget managers – and the impracticality of using Excel to communicate how the final budget numbers will align to strategy.

    We believe your time is better spent on analysis, not the process, and delivering strategic guidance instead of consolidating spreadsheets or fixing formulas.

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    “We can now more efficiently tie the strategic plan initiatives to the budget.”

    - Steve Rich, Vice President of Finance at Fisher College

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    Where Controls & Collaboration Coexist

    You need real-time access to numbers you can trust – and that requires a delicate balance:

    • The right controls to increase accuracy, accountability and reduce variances…
    • PLUS a platform that facilitates collaboration, increases transparency, and ensures thoughtful, dynamic communication

    BudgetPak was created with the right balance of controls built into a collaborative platform – so you can trust the final numbers.

    “With BudgetPak, we have much more confidence in our numbers.”

    - Anne Ilcus, Budget Administrator and Investment Analyst at Palm Beach Atlantic University