Award Winning Support


In the latest BPM Pulse Survey, XLerant’s BudgetPak software was top-ranked with the only perfect score for Ease-of-Use, as well as the highest score in Customer Satisfaction for the fifth year in a row.

We’re proud to lead the industry in Customer Support and Overall Customer Satisfaction. 

We know that if our customers succeed, we do too.  This customer-centric philosophy drives every decision at XLerant – from which features to add, to our next product release, to who we hire.

Our customer support team are domain experts – accountants who have worked in industry and understand your needs. 

We don’t outsource our implementations ever.  Our in-house staff work hand-in-hand with the product development team and senior leadership.  Which means, we will set your team up for success – and we have the expertise and access to help you quickly resolve any issues you may encounter along the way.

“It’s pretty straightforward, really. We believe we have the smartest, most innovative clients who understand what they are doing and want to do it better. And we want them to succeed – so we listen to them.”

- Joanne E. Brunn, XLerant CEO

Fixed-Fee, In-House Implementation

We go through a rigorous and detailed evaluation of your needs during the initial sales process.  This up-front “homework” helps to ensure BudgetPak is a good fit for you prior to signing contracts – and it also improves and shortens our implementation process.

BudgetPak implementation follows an industry-tested plan and takes 6 to 8 weeks from start to completion. Built-in checkpoints allow you to see your system as it progresses, prompting discussion and fine-tuning. Training is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Training for the Finance Administrators covers all areas of BudgetPak in two web-based sessions – enabling you to easily maintain the system
  2. A preparation meeting for end-user training ensures that your users are trained on just the areas that are important to you, and in the ways that you want them to utilize the solution
  3. Budget managers easily grasp the application within a 90-minute web-based end-user training

Did you know? BudgetPak is top-ranked in Budgeting Functionality and Financial Self Sufficiency. A measure of how easy it is for finance teams to administer and manage the software – without the need for IT support or resources.

Ongoing Support & Educational Resources

In addition to our expert and rapid-response help desk, ongoing customer support includes access to:

  • Monthly BudgetPak Learning Series Webinars covering new features and continuing education topics (such as using specific methodologies or budgeting best practices)
  • Our comprehensive Suite of Training Materials available online 24/7 and tagged by keyword – including videos, quick-reference guides, and archived webinar topics detailing every BudgetPak feature & function
  • Annual customer conference brings BudgetPak users together to exchange ideas and learn innovative new ways to improve budgeting, forecasting and reporting within their organizations