All modules, components, features and support are included. There are no add-on costs or feature limitations.

BudgetPak is purposely built for small to mid-sized organizations with easy-to-use interfaces that make a complex process accessible for finance teams and (non-finance) budget managers alike.

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  • XLerant self-service support desk
  • FAQ’s, documentation & videos
  • Email and live virtual support
  • 4-hour response time
  • US-based employee team of accountants (never outsourced)
  • Monthly Learning Series webinars
  • Monthly newsletters


  • Fixed-fee implementation pricing – includes Administrator & End User Training
  • Implementation includes all modules – revenue and expense planning, headcount planning, assets, approval process, reporting, calculations, allocations, drivers, rates and loading of historical data
  • 6-8 week time schedule (our team does 85% of the work)
  • Live video training for finance administrators
  • Custom, live video training for end users


  • Guided, step-by-step approach & intuitive user experience
  • Custom budget navigation map/template for each department
  • Expense Planning
  • Revenue Planning
  • Multiple budgeting methods including annual, percent increase/decrease, by headcount, line-item detail, drivers and models
  • Multiple Spreading Methodologies, including as last year, evenly, days in the month, work days, line item detail
  • ActionPaks for projects or strategic initiatives

  • Headcount and Salary Planning
    • Headcount Review and Terminations
    • Headcount Allocations
    • Hourly Compensation
    • Benefits by Employee
    • New Hires & New Hire Policies
    • Pay Schedules
    • Federal and State Tax Calculations
    • Increases/Second Salary Increase/Bonuses/Additional Compensation
    • Push out unit event defaults, such as increases/bonuses/additional compensation

  • Asset Planning
  • Account Allocations
  • Pre-defined calculations with optional editable drivers
  • Across the Board changes
  • On Demand Templates – direct user input from Excel
  • Start Multiple Budgets/Forecast – with many options including start from defaults or from scratch
  • System Notes, Account Notes, Unit Notes, Files, and Categories

Workflow Status/Approval Process

  • Visual workflow – multi-views
  • Bulk approval and rejection with justification
  • Lock departments/versions
  • Email push notifications


  • Annual rolling forecast with multiple start options
  • Detailed Forecasting below the account level, with Headcount and Line-Item detail
  • Long-term Projections with predictive analytics
  • Scenario Modeling
  • What-If Analysis


  • Report Wizard for report configuration
  • Standard or extended reporting detail
  • Annual, quarterly, monthly or YTD data
  • Company or enterprise level accounts
  • Multiple reporting hierarchies
  • Out of the box (available on day 1):
    • P&L Reports
    • Budget Remaining Report
    • Consolidating Reports
    • Summary Reports
    • ActionPak Reports
    • Headcount Reports
    • Allocation Reports
    • Asset Reports
    • Driver Reports
    • Budget Status
    • Budget Decision Reports
    • File & note Reports
    • Category Reports
    • Configuration Reports
  • KPIs
  • Dashboards – configurable by user
  • Configurable P&L Report Layout
  • Drill-thru to G/L Transaction Detail
  • myXL/Excel dynamic integration - quick analysis, pivot tables, extract or upload data, specialized reporting


  • Multi-company option with consolidated enterprise
  • Multiple charts of accounts
  • Multiple reporting hierarchies
  • Multiple currencies
  • No limit to versions
  • No limit to accounts or departments
  • No limit to years of data

Administrator Maintenance

  • Direct link to support desk
  • Customization of all codes and descriptions
  • Wizard-driven for additions, changes or deletions of configuration data
  • Multiple Sets – employees, calculation defaults, driver defaults
  • Integration for data import and export via API or Excel templates
  • Multiple levels of security and permissions
  • Universal Single Sign-on


  • Sliding scale fee for end-user licenses
  • View-only licenses
  • 1-5 Administrators supported
  • Unlimited license option


  • 3-year contract agreements
  • Annual agreements
  • Monthly agreements
  • Fixed-fee implementation pricing
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