The Purpose of the Justification Toolkit

The Justification Toolkit is used by financial professionals seeking cost justification for the selection of a budget system. Often senior management does not understand the multitude of issues surrounding the current budget process. Therefore they do not understand the need for a budget software system.

The Justification Toolkit will provide all the supporting documentation for those who might have questions, concerns, or objections. The contents of the toolkit will bring your current issues to light, demonstrate how your industry peers have solved the same problems, and provide the necessary documentation and justification to win approval for the budgeting software purchase.

The Justification Toolkit, accessed via a XLerant-provided login and password, contains a list of documents and toolkit items that you can review and choose from to build your own toolkit.

Access to the Justification Toolkit

If you would like access to the Justification Toolkit, please contact Bill Alderton, who will provide a login and password for you:

Bill Alderton
Vice President of Sales

Once you have been given a password and login, please access the toolkit below.

Existing Users Log In