"Do it. Your life will get that much better."
Jonathon Goodman, CFO

Lost Tree Club

  • Ideal for a complex seasonal workforce
  • Easy for non-finance department heads
  • Drastically reduces budget cycles

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"The budget gets completed a lot faster thanks to different features in BudgetPak. "
LaTonya Harrison, Grants Manager

East Coast Migrant Head Start Project

  • Guided process makes business sense
  • More engaged end users
  • Easy implementation and training

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"The fact that we can now trust the numbers is huge."
Michael Vinarcik, Treasurer and CFO


  • Tailored for end users
  • Various forecasting methods to plan for the future
  • Quick and helpful customer support
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"BudgetPak is designed specifically for the challenges of engaging lots of staff at different levels of an organization in the budgeting process."
Bob Rood, Vice President for Business Affairs

Daemen College

  • Any department can run their own comparisons
  • Quick and efficient implementation process
  • Improves an already semi-decentralized system
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"BudgetPak gives us a better-quality budget. Now we can trust the numbers."
Amy Sim, General Accounting Manager

CenCal Health

  • Budget managers are able to run their own reports
  • Built-in controls for finance team have improved budget accuracy
  • Cloud-based system makes it easy to budget anytime, anywhere
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"BudgetPak has the best customer support I’ve ever seen in all my years with software providers."
Sheree Brugmann, Director of Finance and Accounting

Wheaton Bible Church

  • Detailed forecasting helps guide senior leadership
  • Old manual processes are now automated and efficient
  • BudgetPak has advanced the strategic budgeting mindset
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"The system allows staff to focus on their department and their needs, while understanding what’s going on with the broader picture."
Courtney Bonnell, Director, Budgeting & Planning

A.T. Still University

  • Silos are much more dismantled
  • Historical details are stored
  • Managers are excited, and feel like they are a partner in the process
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"Our users really appreciate BudgetPak’s guided interface. They feel like they're doing something natural, something that they're used to doing. "
Brad Bertsch, Assistant Controller

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company


  • Budget managers are now much more accountable for their numbers.
  • BudgetPak provides the finance team with visibility into a user’s progress.
  • Able to quickly and easily run reports tied to actuals and evolving corporate strategies.
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"This is a real estate development company, so hardly anybody's in the office. The fact that they can log in from anywhere is very helpful."
Minden Dickson, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

Hunt Companies, Inc.

  • BudgetPak is powerful enough for Hunt Company’s advanced users and easy enough for less sophisticated budget holders.
  • No more waiting for the busy IT department to assist with software issues.
  • Users like that they can enter notes into the system and tie them into reports.
  • Employees who used to dread the process are enjoying using BudgetPak.
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"With BudgetPak, we have much more confidence in our numbers."
Anne Ilcus, Budget Administrator and Investment Analyst

Palm Beach Atlantic University

  • BudgetPak gives PBA a platform for effective communication and strategic planning.
  • VPs can instantly see where department heads are in their budget process, and each department can see where their budget is in the approval process.
  • Cloud-based design provides convenience and efficiency by facilitating real-time problem solving.
  • Improved forecasting with accurate monthly budgets and up-to-date actuals.
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"BudgetPak is a software that does it all for you. It automatically does your roll ups; it automatically takes care of everything."
Jon Ter Louw, Financial Analyst

Georgia Municipal Association

  • Users are taking greater responsibility for their numbers.
  • Quicker consolidating and reporting for the finance team.
  • GMA is able to tie budgeting to its business strategy.
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"It’s just a lot easier, because the budget officers can log in to the solution whenever they want. And it leaves a good trail of information from one year to the next."
Stacy Buckingham, Dean for Financial Operations

John A. Logan College

  • BudgetPak eased John A. Logan’s transition to a modified zero-based budgeting model.
  • Clearly detailed reporting quickly brought the college’s new VP of Instruction up to speed, initiating $500,000 worth of timely adjustments.
  • The system facilitates creative planning of revenue streams for the funding of new projects.

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"The implementation went very well and was even better than we expected. We have 110 budget managers and got zero complaints."
Cheryl Warner, Controller

Northwood University

  • Cut $200k using BudgetPak’s salary planning tool.
  • Departments are able to manage their own monthly forecasts.
  • Annotation feature explains the reasons behind the numbers.
  • CFO receives positive comments from BudgetPak users.

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"The best benefit for WJC is that the BudgetPak system saves us so much time. The manual three-day Excel forecast process can now be done in a matter of three hours; it's a huge change from the old process."
Dan Brent, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

William James College

  • BudgetPak was up and running in just 3 weeks, in time for the next budget cycle.
  • Budgets, actuals, and forecasts are all available for the first time in one system.
  • Able to manipulate variables to see the effect of proposed strategic decisions.

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"We have 100 happy users who would agree that BudgetPak makes our budgeting totally transparent and above reproach."
Jill Larsen, Chief Financial Officer

Texas Baptists

  • Staff members without formal budgeting training love the easy-to-use interface.
  • Personnel expense planning is now a simple task.
  • Finance can see where departments are in the budgeting process, in real-time.
  • The annual budgeting cycle is a more precise exercise in financial stewardship.
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"There are far more expensive products out there, but they are not as good as BudgetPak."
Jeff Ginsberg, Budget Director

Bunker Hill Community College

  • Using BudgetPak, actual expenditures came within 0.6% of the budget.
  • ROI in time savings and the value of a superior budget.
  • BudgetPak ActionPaks help department heads better organize their initiatives.
  • Simple integration with general ledger system.

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"We can now more efficiently tie the strategic plan initiatives to the budget."
Steve Rich, Vice President of Finance

Fisher College

  • BudgetPak helped facilitate the move from a two-year women’s college to a four-year coeducational institution.
  • Internal communications about the budget have dramatically improved.
  • No more worries about over-writing formulas, last minute changes, or forgotten data.
  • Faculty and staff now have accountability for, and ownership of, their budgets.

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"One thing we really like is the ability to document our assumptions. In other words, to put down what the money is going to be used for, how we came up with that number, and what goals we are achieving by spending the money."
Donna Farlow, Director of Budgeting

Union County College

  • Union estimates a 50% reduction in time spent budgeting.
  • Forecasting tools facilitate planning for asset purchases and building improvements.
  • Budgeting on a monthly basis helps management make informed decisions.
  • BudgetPak’s friendly interface has won over even the most skeptical faculty members.

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"Yes, we got more flexibility and yes, we got more financial controls and formality to the process. But the culture change was the real goal. Managers are now much more attuned to their numbers."
Curt DeFriez, Controller

Western Governors University

  • Transformed the budgeting culture from top-down to employee-centric.
  • Higher quality of information and more confidence in the final numbers.
  • Better able to manage the business and quickly adjust to the demands of high growth.

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"Goodbye to spreadsheets and overly complex systems."
Bill Feher, Vice President of Finance - Compliance

EMCOR Group, Inc.

  • BudgetPak provides a sophisticated solution with the simplicity and flexibility needed by EMCOR budgeting end-users
  • Users have a greater connection to the budget, and they review their actual numbers monthly.
  • Saving valuable time by spending less on the budget process

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