More powerful than a thousand spreadsheets…
Faster than an Excel Macro…
The power to consolidate numbers with a single click.

Who wouldn’t want budgeting and forecasting superpowers? Especially if they came with side-kick bonuses like transparency, accuracy, strategic insight and employee engagement.

Take flight with our cloud-based solution, BudgetPak, designed with an intuitive interface – to make the complex budgeting and planning process easy to navigate for finance heroes and mere-mortals alike.

With a mission to provide a purpose-built solution for finance teams that is also engaging for non-financial budget managers, XLerant empowers enterprises to make more informed decisions about critical resources — and ultimately, achieve their strategic objectives.


BudgetPak offers the finance team flexible functionality with a complete suite of tools, built-in reports, and controls, in an all-in-one solution.  (No upcharges or hidden fees for add-on modules or features.)

BudgetPak is ideal for busy organizations transitioning from Excel-based budgeting who need  a dedicated, purpose-built solution. BudgetPak provides finance with strategic, actionable insights while ensuring budget managers can spend their time focused on  how their budget will align with the organization’s goals and objectives– not figuring out formulas or restricted by row and column thinking.

In industry-surveys, clients have recognized us for exceptional ease of use, quick implementation and great support.

  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Management Reporting
  • True Cloud-based Solution
  • Guided Navigation for Users
  • Real-time Excel Integration
  • Finance Flexibility & Controls
  • Simple, Quick Implementation Process
  • Revenue & Expense Planning
  • Headcount & Salary Planning
  • What-ifs, Scenario Modeling
  • Budgeting for Special Projects
  • Justification Documentation
  • Spreading Methodologies



“BudgetPak is a software that does it all for you. It automatically does your roll-ups, it automatically takes care of everything.”

-Jon Ter Louw, Financial Analyst


“The best benefit for WJC is that the BudgetPak system saves us so much time. The manual three-day Excel forecast process can now be done in a matter of three hours.”

-Dan Brent, CPA, Chief Financial Officer


“We have 100 happy users who would agree that BudgetPak makes our budgeting totally transparent and above reproach.”

-Jill Larsen, Chief Financial Officer


“XLerant was an easy choice. It offered the most value, which means they provided the most functionality for the lowest cost of ownership.”

– Bill Feher, Vice President, Finance & Compliance