February 24, 2016 – CEO Joanne Brunn: “Familiarity and Ease-of-use Are Not One and the Same; Attributes Company’s Year of Accelerated Growth to Demand Across Industries for Cloud-Based Budgeting Solutions That Challenge the Traditional ‘Row and Column’ Model”

XLerant Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based budgeting, forecasting, and reporting solutions for small and mid-sized businesses, today announced that the company had a record year in 2015, with year-over-billings up 45 percent from 2014. Most notably, subscriptions sales increased dramatically by 200 percent in Q4.

CEO Joanne Brunn attributes the company’s growth to the appeal of its flagship product, BudgetPak, the first budgeting solution to meet the needs of both non-financial managers and the finance team by challenging the traditional “row and column” model.

“As we see it, familiarity and ease-of-use are not one and the same,” says Brunn. “Spreadsheets are familiar, but they often frustrate anyone in an organization who wasn’t hired for their financial prowess by forcing them to think in a restricted way. Our cloud-based, intuitive platform, on the other hand, supports critical thinking in a collaborative environment–the way most non-financial managers are used to working in the first place.”

Adds Brunn, “With BudgetPak, everyone in an organization benefits. When non-financial managers are engaged and no longer relegated to painstakingly plugging numbers into rows and columns, finance teams can spend less time correcting errors and filling in blanks, and more time doing what they do best–analyzing and delivering strategic guidance.”

XLerant was named “One to Watch” in the 2015 BPM Pulse report produced by BPM Partners, the leading authority on business performance management.

As Craig Schiff, president and CEO of BPM Partners says, “In our most recent Pulse of Performance Management Survey, ease-of-use was rated as the most important feature to anyone who used a budgeting solution. That’s what XLerant’s BudgetPak is all about and why the company had a very impressive 4.83 out of 5 in customer satisfaction, the second highest in our survey. BudgetPak’s intuitive interface turns the seemingly arduous task of number crunching into a seamless and collaborative experience for non-financial managers, while also meeting the functionality requirements of the finance team.”

XLerant is on target this year to continue to expand BudgetPak’s client base while also growing its core industries–small to mid-sized higher education, non profit and corporate customers. In 2015, the company expanded into a number of verticals, including transportation & logistics, trade associations, insurance, high-tech, religious organizations and health science institutions.

“We offer an affordable, cloud-based SaaS solution that is ideal for any mid-market organization that shares our philosophy that budgeting is more of a communication and strategic planning process than a mechanical one,” says Brunn. “It’s simple really. We take the words ‘frustration’ and ‘procrastination’ out of budgeting by engaging users on all levels.”

About XLerant, Inc.

XLerant provides cloud-based budgeting, forecasting and reporting solutions for small to mid-sized organizations — designed for the needs of finance teams and budget managers. XLerant’s non-Excel interface engages budget managers and empowers them to make informed decisions to help achieve strategic objectives. XLerant’s powerful software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution has been recognized for outstanding usability, customer service, and ease of implementation.  For more information, visit www.XLerant.com or follow @XLerant