June 22, 2017 – With top scores in Ease-of-Use, Overall Customer Satisfaction, and Financial Self-Sufficiency, XLerant’s BudgetPak software was recognized as an industry-leading budgeting, forecasting and management reporting solution.

XLerant, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based budgeting forecasting, and management reporting solutions, is honored to be the only budgeting solution recognized with perfect customer satisfaction scores in Ease-of-Use for the second year in a row by the 2017 BPM Pulse of Performance Management Survey. Published by BPM Partners, a leading independent authority on business performance management solutions, the survey also revealed XLerant ranked among the top scores for Financial Self-Sufficiency and Overall Customer Satisfaction.

“Not only is Ease-of-Use a top priority for finance teams in the software selection process, it is also critical to the ultimate success of any BPM system,” said Craig Schiff, President and CEO of BPM Partners. “XLerant’s solution is unique – and highly effective – at guiding users through the budgeting process, and you see that reflected in the top scores they have received year after year in Ease-of-Use and Customer Satisfaction.”

The BPM Pulse Survey results come directly from users of XLerant’s premier product, BudgetPak, a budgeting solution designed to facilitate collaborative budgeting among both financial and non-financial end-users. With a perfect 5 out of 5 score in Ease-of-Use, an Overall Customer Satisfaction score of 4.91 (rising from 4.80 in 2016), and a 4.73 score in the new category of Financial Self-Sufficiency (ranking how easy it is for the finance team to maintain the software), BudgetPak received recognition as an ideal solution for mid-sized organizations seeking a more effective and collaborative alternative to spreadsheet-based budgeting.

The industry-leading solution for higher education institutions, XLerant has also recently gained significant market-share among the non-profit, health services, realty, association, and faith-based sectors. Charles Pevsner, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of XLerant, explained: “We created BudgetPak to provide a solution that fulfills the needs of finance executives leading the budgeting process – as well as for department heads who have no financial background. This approach is especially effective for non-profit and mission-driven organizations who rely on staff who are experts in their field but may have limited experience navigating complex spreadsheets.”

Joann Brunn, CEO of XLerant said, “We believe that engaging all key stakeholders in the process ultimately produces a more accurate budget, and is critical to helping organizations align their fiscal resources with their strategic objectives. We are truly honored by the top scores from our customers in the BPM Pulse Survey because, at the end of the day, helping them achieve success is our fundamental mission.”

For more information about Ease-of-Use, how it impacts the implementation and adoption of a budgeting software solution, and criteria to evaluate Ease-of-Use in the software selection or buying process, download the white paper: The Finance Executive’s Guide to Ease-of-Use.

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XLerant Incorporated provides cloud-based budgeting, forecasting and reporting solutions designed with easy to use interfaces that make a complex process accessible for finance teams and budget managers alike. XLerant’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions serve small to mid-size enterprises who value collaborative environments as an effective way to engage employees and achieve their strategic objectives. The company’s premier product, BudgetPak, has been recognized for outstanding usability, quick implementation and exceptional support. For more information visit https://xlerant.com Engage. Empower. Achieve.