Best of Both Worlds – In the cloud or on your server, but browser-based.

June 19, 2013 – XLerant Inc., the leading provider of budgeting software, announces the commercial release of its SaaS cloud-based budgeting product, BudgetPak. The product offers the full functionality of the prior client/server version but can be run either in the cloud or internally on a customer’s server.

“XLerant is proud to announce that BudgetPak can now be run as a true SaaS product,” said Ted Dacko, CEO of XLerant.  “We have preserved 100% of the functionality, integrity, and experience of the client-server product but have made it available as a browser-based application.”

BudgetPak focuses on creating a culture of accountability for end users.  It is the top product for organizations that want to have greater participation in, and ownership of, the budget process.  Its TurboTax-like, user-friendly and intuitive interface for corporate budgeting is perfect for a variety of industries including higher education, property and retail management, transportation, logistics and supply-chain providers, sports franchises, TPAs, healthcare, and corporate headquarters budgeting.

“Our goal was to completely reengineer the product for the Web and SaaS, while providing an easy migration path for existing customers.  At the same time, we have kept or enhanced all of the features and functions that make BudgetPak powerful and unique, and have maintained the stability and reliability of the codebase,” said Charles Pevsner, co-founder and CTO.  “We are excited about the flexibility and reach of the SaaS platform.”

“We have always thought highly of both the functionality and the usability of BudgetPak,” said Jeff Ginsberg, Executive Director of Administration & Assistant Chief Financial Officer from Bunker Hill Community College and an XLerant customer.  “But SaaS allows us to now run the application in the cloud and that is a tremendous advantage to us.  This is an added benefit.”

XLerant had already converted to subscription pricing over two years ago.  So this was the final step in moving to a SaaS environment.  The product will initially be made available through the cloud or, if the customer prefers, can run internally on the customer’s hardware assuming that the customer has the ability and experience to host a web application.

The company is upgrading its customers to the new environment and all new customer implementations will be in this environment.  Existing customers should see a seamless transition to the new platform without having to re-license the new product.

About XLerant

XLerant is a SaaS software solutions company that builds and implements innovative, practical and incredibly powerful browser-based budget preparation software for mid-sized and large organizations and higher education institutions, energizing a “Culture of Budget Accountability” among users. The company serves customers in several industries. XLerant’s premier budgeting and planning application, BudgetPak, replaces spreadsheet-based budgeting and provides maximum user flexibility and financial controls. Improved communication, greater ownership of the numbers and increased transparency enable companies to better manage financial performance throughout the fiscal year.