June 30, 2011 – Accounting-Payroll-Software.Org identifies XLerant’s BudgetPak as #1 choice in top budgeting and planning software.  XLerant, Inc.’s BudgetPak was recently named Editor’s Choice by Accounting-Payroll-Software.Org as the #1 pick in the Budgeting and Planning Software sector. There were five software packages reviewed, and XLerant’s BudgetPak claimed the top spot.

“This honor is congruous with our market position of energizing a culture of budget accountability,” says Ted Dacko, CEO. “We pride ourselves on successful implementations in organizations where the budget process is a people driven versus an equation-driven process. Our customers recognize that budgeting is a mission-critical application and have turned away from Excel and its limitations and Excel look-alike budgeting products.”

“XLerant’s BudgetPak was the best purchase decision we ever made,” said Cheryl Warner at Northwood University. “Our budgeting process now runs smoothly and we get the best of user flexibility and financial controls. We don’t have to make any difficult tradeoffs.”

“It is truly about the communications. We did not want to make the business fit the financial process. XLerant helped to make the financial process fit the business,” remarked Linda Roth, CFO of Long Term Care Partners.

About XLerant

XLerant is a software solutions company that builds and implements innovative, practical, and incredibly powerful corporate budget preparation software for mid-sized and large organizations, helping to energize a “Culture of Budget Accountability” with your users. But a culture of budget accountability should not require accounting ability.

XLerant’s premiere budgeting and planning application, BudgetPak, replaces traditional Excel-based budgeting and provides organizations with maximum user flexibility and financial controls relieving the financial team of programming a mission critical application in Excel, which is not a development environment.

Improved communications, greater ownership of the numbers and increased transparency enables companies to better manage company financial performance throughout the fiscal year.