We believe that budgeting is more of communication and strategic planning process than a mechanical process.  With a mission to provide a purpose-built solution for budgeting and forecasting, XLerant empowers enterprises to make informed decisions and ultimately, achieve their strategic objectives.

We’ve all come to expect convenience and ease of use from our personal technology, at XLerant we believe professionals deserve the same for business solutions.  XLerant’s flagship product, BudgetPak, is a SaaS solution with a user-centered design. “Our solution allows for ultimate flexibility because it doesn’t force users to think in a restricted ‘row and column’ format,” says Joanne E. Brunn, XLerant CEO.  “It’s a more engaging experience for the non-financial user that really lets them think about the strategy they are trying to achieve, instead of how much they hate the process!” At the same time, BudgetPak allows the finance team to control the aspects of the budget that are important to them via a straight-forward, table-driven approach.

The XLerant philosophy is client-focused.  We listen closely to clients’ pain points during the sales and implementation process and provide solutions that work. As Joanne explains, “It’s simple really. We believe we have the smartest, most innovative clients who understand what they are doing and want to do it better. And we want them to succeed—so we listen to them.”