Making the complex budget process SIMPLE & ENGAGING


An intuitive and flexible budgeting, forecasting and reporting solution with a step-by-step guided interface to make the complex process accessible for both finance teams and budget managers.

  • Strategic Budgeting, Forecasting & Planning
  • Complete Reporting and Analysis
  • Increased Ownership & Enhanced Oversight


BudgetPak provides a flexible budgeting process, straightforward GL integration, and high user adoption – with minimal to no IT intervention.

  • Complete Revenue & Expense Planning
  • Detailed Headcount & Salary Planning
  • One-Click What-Ifs
  • Real-time Excel Intergrations
  • Cross-department Budgeting for Special Initiatives

“Yes, we got more flexibility and yes, we got more financial controls and formality to the process. But the culture change was the real goal. Managers are now much more attuned to their numbers.”

Curt DeFriez, Controller at Western Governors University


Excel is especially challenging when you have 20, 40 or even 100 participants involved in the budgeting process.

BudgetPak was purpose built for multi-participant budgeting.

INTUITIVE INTERFACE simplifies the budgeting processes for everyone – yet delivers the complex functionality finance teams need.

GUIDED WORKFLOW orients each user to where they are in the process and how they are doing against Finance guidelines, in real-time.

JUSTIFICATION offers documentation for line items and projects helps finance make informed decisions about what to fund or what to cut.

“We have 100 happy users who would agree that BudgetPak makes our budgeting totally transparent and above reproach.”

Jill Larsen, Chief Financial Officer, Baptist General Convention of Texas

Is BudgetPak the right fit for your organization?

  • Ready for a change from the pain of Excel-based budgeting?
  • Looking to tie the budget to strategic objectives?
  • Need to engage non-financial managers who are domain experts?
  • Looking for more ownership and accountability?