“BudgetPak helps everything flow much more smoothly and collaboratively. VPs can instantly see where the department heads are in their budget process, and each department can see where their budget is in the approval process...everybody is on board with the same goals for moving the university forward.” 

-Anne Ilcus, Budget Administrator and Investment Analyst, Palm Beach Atlantic University 

Your strategy is paramount.

IN TODAY'S TIGHT ECONOMY, colleges and universities like yours face unprecedented scrutiny to achieve financial stability through innovative strategies for cost reduction and program enhancement. 

Strategic budgeting is key.

FROM STUDENT RETENTION PROGRAMS to IT upgrades – the success of your institution’s strategic initiatives hinges upon effective budgetary planning, forecasting, and analysis…including improved campus-wide communication, accountability, and strategic thinking. Now is the time to build a better budget. 

Put your budgetary process to the test. 

Ask these important questions to gauge the efficacy of your current financial planning system: 

  • Are faculty and staff struggling with Excel-based templates? 
  • Is it difficult to track everyone’s progress? 
  • Is your system error prone and time consuming?
  • Do you have a hard time maintaining historical data during staff turnover?
  • Is it challenging to evaluate and revise budgets throughout the year? 
  • Do you have limited transparency into the rationale behind the numbers? 
  • Are you struggling with the campus's lack of budgetary engagement, accountability, and ownership
  • Have you experienced difficulty tying the strategic plan to the budget?

Your budget should support your strategy. BudgetPak is here to help. 

  • Engage faculty and staff participation in the budget process…to increase ownership and accountability. 
  • Build flexible budgets with robust forecasting capabilities…to prepare for variability in enrollment and funding. 
  • Develop detailed salary and headcount planning…to take control over impactful expenditures. 
  • Give budget holders a convenient way to document supporting details…to improve communication and transparency. 
  • Easily produce real-time and historical reports…to facilitate informed planning. 
  • Automate tedious manual processes…to improve accuracy and gain time for analysis – plus a faster budgeting cycle. 
  • Budget for campus-wide and department-specific initiatives…to achieve your institution’s strategic goals. 

Streamline and de-risk your software evaluation & acquisition process with the Budgeting XLerator program exclusively for higher education institutions. 



Facilitating John A. Logan’s transition to a modified zero-based budgeting model and $500k worth of timely adjustments... 


Providing William James College an easy way to combine budgets, actuals, and forecasts into one system... 


Cutting $200k using BudgetPak’s salary planning tool (and users are raving about the new system)...


Helping Union County College realize a 50% reduction in the time they spend on budgeting...


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XLerant provides cloud-based budgeting, forecasting, and reporting solutions designed with easy-to-use interfaces that make a complex process accessible for finance teams and budget managers alike. XLerant's software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions serve small to mid-size enterprises that value collaborative environments as an effective way to engage employees and achieve their strategic objectives. The company's premier product, BudgetPak, has been recognized for outstanding usability, quick implementation, and exceptional support.

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