Ease-of-use: The Next Business Requirement

Nationally-recognized BPM expert: Craig Schiff, offers his perspective on software selection. Finance executives from Hunt Companies and Northwood University share their experience evaluating & implementing a new BPM solution — including the role ease-of-use played in their purchase consideration.

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The Finance Executive’s Guide to Ease-of-use

Ease-of-use – how usable and accessible a system is, and how well it functions for all users – can have a significant impact on everything from initial implementation to the long-term success of any new software. Download this guide for everything a finance executive needs to know about ease-of-use.

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Self-Service Budgeting

Business Officer Magazine explores the importance of “ease-of-use” in budgeting software.  This case-based article explores the challenges of Excel for budgeting and how the finance team at Drew University partnered with XLerant to resolve them.

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Top 10 Budgeting and Forecasting Solution Providers

Ease-of-use was an important factor in XLerant’s recognition by CFO Tech Outlook magazine as one of the “Top 10 Budgeting and Forecasting Solution Providers 2016.”

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Calculating the ROI of Ease-of-Use

There are lots of obvious benefits of moving from Excel to a purpose-built budgeting software… but what’s the incremental ROI for a system with better ease-of-use? Download the XLerant Budgeting Brief: Calculating the ROI of Ease-of-Use to learn more about the bottom line benefits (both qualitative & quantitative) of improved usability. 

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