Forecasting XLerator

This guide, from our Budgeting XLerator series, contains information to help organizations decide what approach to forecasting is right for them. Also provides key evaluation criteria for forecasting software.

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Long-term Projections XLerator

Guide to help organizations understand how long-term projections work and which approach is right for them. Includes evaluation criteria for long-term projections software.

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Practical Forecasting: In Search of the Financial Unicorn

Interactive Q&A with a panel of finance executives who have successfully implemented forecasting and long-range projections in their organizations. Featuring Sally Berven, CFO, Perot Museum and Anne Wells, Director of Business Services, University of Findlay

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The Art of Forecasting: A Pragmatic Case Study

The annual budget process is cumbersome enough for many organizations – revising the budget over the year and making adjustments to align to plan can be asking too much. Learn how Dan Brent, CPA, Associate VP of Finance, Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, tackled this problem.

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Planning to Win: The Best Way to Predict the Future

In this Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance article, XLerant co-founder Lawrence Serven, authors a thoughtful piece on transforming planning from a mechanical exercise to a value-added process that helps make forecast results happen.

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