BudgetPak is a true cloud-based product that is hosted by a Tier-3 data center facility located in the United States and is accessed by users over the web. This eliminates all IT time, resource and equipment expense.

There is no hardware to purchase, install or maintain – SaaS (Software as a Service) offers you a significantly less expensive option since we do the capital equipment investment and maintenance, provide 24/7 availability and data backups.

XLerant also allows customers to self-host BudgetPak on their premises, if that is a preferred method of installation and if your IT department has the capacity for support and maintenance.

BudgetPak supports the major browsers, including: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari (on the Mac).

BudgetPak works with all ERP systems through an easy-to-use Excel template interface.

 Not all cloud options are created equal. While most vendors offer subscription pricing and an externally managed server environment, only true cloud vendors can offer all of the following:

  • Immediate and seamless access to the latest fixes and enhancements
  • A proven cloud solution that is used by their entire customer base
  • Scalable environments that adjust to usage demands for optimum performance
  • The highest levels of security and availability
  • Rapid pace of innovation and product enhancement.”

Craig Schiff, President and CEO BPM Partners