XLerant’s flagship solution, BudgetPak, is a SaaS solution with a user-centered design. It was created by former finance and IT executives who had experienced first-hand the time-consuming frustrations of budgeting and forecasting with Excel-based templates and recognized that the industry needed a solution that worked for the finance team as well as the end user.

Our solution allows for the ultimate flexibility in thought because it doesn’t force users to think in a restricted row and column format. It’s a much more engaging experience for the end user that allows them to think critically about the strategy they are trying to achieve which results in helping the organization achieve its goals.

We pride ourselves on making the complex easy. We believe a product should be easy to use, engaging, effective, and easily maintained by the finance team in a language that they understand.

  • True cloud-based solution
  • Unique-to-the-industry guided process approach
  • Situational budgeting – multiple approaches for maximum flexibility
  • Headcount and Salary Planning
  • Asset Planning
  • Built-in reports – configurable at the touch of a button
  • What Ifs, Scenario Modeling, Dashboards
  • Real-time integration with Excel for quick analysis, pivot tables, specialized reporting (all in language that Finance already understands)