We go through a detailed process to make sure that the customer is a good fit prior to signing contracts. We listen to customer’s pain points during the sales and implementation process and provide solutions that work.

  • Implementation follows an industry-tested plan and takes 6 to 8 weeks from start to completion.
  • Client provides the blueprint of their structure and process, historic data and XLerant’s Customer Service team does the rest
  • Built-in checkpoints allows the client to see their system as it progresses, prompting discussion and fine-tuning
  • Easy integration with data from GL and HR systems via straightforward Excel files. Finance just extracts a pre-formatted report from their source system and loads it directly into our solution in as little as 15 minutes. No IT support needed.

Our purpose-built solution, intuitive in nature, allows the finance team to easily handle all aspects of the ongoing maintenance without paying for consulting support.

  • Table-driven Set-Up and Maintenance: Allows finance teams to easily maintain the application without learning a programming language.
  • Embedded Calculations and Drivers: Defined by the finance administrator, and visible to the end-user, these complex calculations and values are guaranteed to be accurate, which you can’t ensure in Excel.
  • Familiarity: Utilizing the familiar format of Excel makes data import and export, and bulk changes to structures, users, calculations, and all other aspects of maintenance simple to learn.
  • Single Sign-on: Users may access our solution without having to maintain a separate username and password from their organization’s account.