Maximize Employee Engagement to Drive Financial Results

Research on employee engagement reveals a measurable impact on an organization’s financial success. Guest speaker Jennifer Eversole CPA, an industry expert in finance and organizational strategy, will explain how finance teams can maximize employee engagement to drive financial results. 

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Constructing Internal Controls – Turning Risk into Rewards

An effective internal control framework identifies and reduces risk.  But those aren’t the only benefits: research reveals internal controls can increase employee engagement & customer loyalty! Guest speaker: Jennifer Eversole, CPA shares best practices, risks to watch out for, and surprising rewards!

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Strategy Execution with a Balanced Scorecard

Jennifer Eversole CPA, industry leader in finance and organizational strategy, explores the value of incorporating a Balanced Scorecard methodology into strategic planning. Includes best practices for finance teams who are just getting started, as well as tips for those seeking to improve their current approach.

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Strategic Budgeting for Community Colleges

Community college finance executives discuss the evolving culture within higher education, budgeting challenges unique to community colleges, the shortcomings of traditional budgeting tools (and what to look for in a new solution), and how to save money while aligning the budget to strategic objectives.

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Graduating from Excel to Purpose-built Software

From search to solution – follow the journey of John A. Logan College and San Juan College as they transition from Excel-based budgeting to a purpose-built solution. Looks at critical considerations in software selection, purchase justification, and outcomes achieved.

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Top Ten Benefits of Responsibility Center Management

Learn more about the key benefits of implementing Responsibility Center Management (RCM) – a collaborative budgeting approach that empowers faculty to take an active role in achieving the institution’s mission – increasing ownership, strategic alignment, and engagement.

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Innovation Case Study at A.T. Still: Zero-based Budgeting & RCM

Guest speakers: Courtney Bonnell and Tonya Grimm from A.T. Still University share their journey toward budgeting innovation – moving from Excel spreadsheets to an integrated, strategic process utilizing both zero-based budgeting (ZBB) and responsibility center management (RCM).

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Why Budgeting Should Be a Strategic Planning Imperative

This article in Chief Executive Magazine reviews the top 5 reasons for incorporating budgeting into the strategic plan – including tips for success in engaging employees and increasing ownership in the process.

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The Art of Forecasting: A Pragmatic Case Study

The annual budget process is cumbersome enough for many organizations – revising the budget over the year and making adjustments to align to plan can be asking too much. Learn how Dan Brent, CPA, Associate VP of Finance, Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, tackled this problem.

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Higher Ed is Budgeting Outside the Box

This University Business article features XLerant customer: Anne Ilcus, Budget Administrator at Palm Beach Atlantic University, and explores higher education institutions using technology to “up” their financial planning and budgeting game.

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