Finance Leaders Top 5 Takeaways for TODAY

Finance teams speak to their experience moving through the pandemic and beyond. What have we learned, what do we still need to figure out, what’s next – and how do we make that happen in a state of constant change? Finance leaders top 5 takeaways for TODAY.

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Forecasting XLerator

This guide, from our Budgeting XLerator series, contains information to help organizations decide what approach to forecasting is right for them. Also provides key evaluation criteria for forecasting software.

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Long-term Projections XLerator

Guide to help organizations understand how long-term projections work and which approach is right for them. Includes evaluation criteria for long-term projections software.

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Calculating the ROI of Ease-of-Use

There are lots of obvious benefits of moving from Excel to a purpose-built budgeting software… but what’s the incremental ROI for a system with better ease-of-use? Download the XLerant Budgeting Brief: Calculating the ROI of Ease-of-Use to learn more about the bottom line benefits (both qualitative & quantitative) of improved usability. 

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