Decision Point: When Is the Right Time to Leave Excel?

Includes key questions and checklists to help determine if it’s the right time for your organization to leave Excel for budgeting, and criteria for reviewing alternative solutions. Case examples from teams who have made the switch, how they justified the investment, and the outcomes they have achieved.

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Ease-of-use: The Next Business Requirement

Nationally-recognized BPM expert: Craig Schiff, offers his perspective on software selection. Finance executives from Hunt Companies and Northwood University share their experience evaluating & implementing a new BPM solution — including the role ease-of-use played in their purchase consideration.

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The Finance Executive’s Guide to Ease-of-use

Ease-of-use – how usable and accessible a system is, and how well it functions for all users – can have a significant impact on everything from initial implementation to the long-term success of any new software. Download this guide for everything a finance executive needs to know about ease-of-use.

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Graduating from Excel to Purpose-built Software

From search to solution – follow the journey of John A. Logan College and San Juan College as they transition from Excel-based budgeting to a purpose-built solution. Looks at critical considerations in software selection, purchase justification, and outcomes achieved.

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Forecasting XLerator

This guide, from our Budgeting XLerator series, contains information to help organizations decide what approach to forecasting is right for them. Also provides key evaluation criteria for forecasting software.

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Long-term Projections XLerator

Guide to help organizations understand how long-term projections work and which approach is right for them. Includes evaluation criteria for long-term projections software.

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Higher Ed is Budgeting Outside the Box

This University Business article features XLerant customer: Anne Ilcus, Budget Administrator at Palm Beach Atlantic University, and explores higher education institutions using technology to “up” their financial planning and budgeting game.

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Live at CCBO Conference: Business Officer Roundtable

What happens after CCBO? For John A. Logan College and San Juan College the answer was a significant change in their budgeting process – moving from Excel-based spreadsheets to a collaborative budgeting solution. This interactive round table will examine the “budgeting journey” of these two schools.

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Quick Start to a Better Budget

In just 2 to 4 weeks, our quick-installation process can have your organization up and running with BudgetPak – make the complex budgeting process accessible and engaging, increase ownership, and align your budget to strategic objectives. Watch this webinar to learn more!

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Mission Critical Budgeting for All Businesses

Brad Bertsch — Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company and John Ter Louw — Georgia Municipal Association explore cross-industry budgeting best practices including: engaging department heads and senior management, balancing control & flexibility, and budgeting to fund strategic initiatives.

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