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Streamline and Improve Your Budgeting Process – Now!

Join us for this event Oct. 16 at 2 p.m. EST. With more than 85 College and University clients, XLerant’s BudgetPak solution is the industry leader for higher education budgeting, forecasting, and management reporting with more Higher Education clients than any vendor! XLerant provides a solution purpose-built to the needs of institutions like yours: implementation in 6-8 weeks or less; easy-to-use guided software to engage faculty and staff; integrations with all major ERP systems; and built-in documentation and justification to help ensure strategic alignment. Register today.

Webinar Recordings:

The Keys to Successful Distributed Budgeting

Budgeting can be a challenge, whether you’re a company with 20, 75 or even 200 budgeting participants. As with most things, the more people you engage in the process the more complicated, time-consuming, and error-prone the experience can be. But it doesn’t have to be. Please click here to view the ‘Keys to Successful Distributed Budgeting’ webinar.

Better Budgeting for Higher Education — 2017 and Beyond

Rising costs and uncertain federal policy are predicted to have significant impact on higher education institutions for years to come. Accurate budgetary planning, forecasting, and analysis are critical for building a sustainable long-term growth strategy. Please click here to view the ‘Better Budgeting for Higher Education — 2017 and Beyond’ webinar.

Quick Start to a Better Budget

It’s never too late to get started with a better budgeting process – in just 2-4 weeks our quick-installation process can have your organization up and running. BudgetPak makes the complex budgeting process accessible and engaging for department heads, increases ownership and delivers a more accurate budget aligned to strategic objectives.   Please click here to learn more and view the ‘Quick Start to a Better Budget’ webinar.

A Blueprint for Finance: Constructing Internal Controls – Turning Risk into Rewards

Jennifer Eversole, CPA, Co-Founder & Partner, Management Stack, LLC
Moderated by Joanne Brunn, CEO of XLerant

An effective internal control framework identifies and reduces risk, while providing a mechanism to ensure organizational objectives are being achieved. And recent research reveals some surprising rewards – including increases in employee engagement and customer loyalty! To learn more download a summary of key takeaways or watch the webinar now.

Achieving Pain-free Budgeting & Forecasting

For finance teams budgeting can be as painful as tax season or an audit. Hunting down every last spreadsheet, managing version control and consolidation…hours lost before even getting to critical analysis on the actual end point: how will your organization’s resources be allocated to achieve your strategic objectives? There’s an easier way.
Please click here to view the ‘Achieving Pain-free Budgeting & Forecasting’ webinar.

Maximize Employee Engagement to Drive Financial Results: Guest Speaker Webinar

Jennifer Eversole, CPA, Co-Founder & Partner, Management Stack, LLC
Moderated by Joanne Brunn, CEO of XLerant

Research on employee engagement reveals a measurable impact on an organization’s financial success…but that same research also supports the significant role for financial leaders in improving employee engagement.  Jennifer Eversole, an industry expert in finance and organizational strategy, will explain how finance teams can maximize employee engagement, which has been proven to drive financial results. Topics include common pitfalls of engagement measurement tools, the impact of engagement on budgeting success & financial return, and best practices in creating a culture of collaboration, communication, and empowerment.  Click here for a brief summary of key takeaways covered in Employee Engagement webinar or watch the webinar now.

Ease of Use – The Next Business Requirement

Craig Schiff, President and CEO of BPM Partners
Minden Dickson, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, Hunt Companies
Cheryl Warner, Controller, Northwood University
Moderated by Joanne Brunn, CEO of XLerant

As a nationally-recognized expert, who has literally written the guidelines for successful selection of BPM solutions, Craig offers his perspective on software selection. The panelists share their experience in evaluating and selecting a BPM software solution, the role that ease-of-use played in their purchase consideration, as well as the real-world impact (and ROI) of ease-of use on implementation, roll-out, increased collaboration and employee engagement. Click here to watch the webinar.

Live at CCBO Conference: Business Officer Roundtable

Russell M. Litke, VP for Administrative Services, San Juan College
Brad McCormick, VP for Business Services and College Facilities, John A. Logan College
Steve Miller, Interim Controller, San Juan College
Andrea Weaver, Interim Assistant Controller, San Juan College
Moderated by Joanne Brunn, CEO of XLerant

What happens after CCBO? For John A. Logan College and San Juan College the answer was a significant change in their budgeting process – moving from Excel-based spreadsheets to a collaborative budgeting solution.  This interactive roundtable will examine the “budgeting journey” of these two schools: from the internal discussions and justification behind the initial change (including independent evaluation of solutions at the CCBO forum in 2013) – to the lessons learned and benefits gained two-years (and two budget cycles) later. Click here to watch the webinar.

The Art of Forecasting: A Pragmatic Case Study with Dan Brent

Dan Brent, CPA, CFO, Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology
(MSPP is now William James College)
Moderated by Joanne Brunn, CEO of XLerant

The annual budget process is cumbersome enough in most organizations. Asking an organization to revise the budget over the course of the year can be asking too much. But when the actual results come in, management wants a fresh forecast that reflects these updated results along with appropriate adjustments to better reflect the plan for the year. Learn how Dan Brent, CPA, Associate VP of Finance, Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology solved this problem and can now easily and flexibly revise budgets based on fresh results from the actuals and keep their users actively engaged in the process. Click here to watch the webinar.

Community College Roundtable:

Why is budgeting mission critical?

Liz Murphy, CEO from CampusWorks, Inc. facilitates a discussion featuring panelists from three community colleges:

Stacy Buckingham, Dean for Financial Operations, John A. Logan College
Donna Farlow, Director of Budgeting, Union County College
Steve Miller, Assistant Controller, San Juan College
Moderated by Joanne Brunn, CEO of XLerant

The panelists share their experiences (both challenges and successes) with budgeting in their institutions. Budgeting plays a key role in strategic success for all higher education institutions. But why is budgeting “mission-critical” for community colleges? Click here to watch the webinar.

Why Budgeting is Mission Critical for All Businesses

Brad Bertsch CPA, Assistant Controller, Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company
John Ter Louw, Financial Analyst, Georgia Municipal Association
Moderated by Joanne Brunn, CEO of XLerant

In this webinar, we explore key concepts for budgeting in organizations like yours, such as engaging the department heads and senior management in the process, providing flexibility to allow people to budget their department the way they think about their department, budgeting to support the funding of the strategic initiatives of the organization, rather than budgeting to history or politics. Click here to watch the webinar.

Why Budgeting is Mission Critical for Non-Profits

Jill Larsen, CFO of the Baptist General Convention of Texas
Steven Meisberger, CFO of American Youth Soccer Organization
Moderated by Joanne Brunn, CEO of XLerant

Listen to this critical panel discussion with Jill Larsen and Steven Meisberger as they explain why they believe budgeting is mission critical for non-profit organizations–especially in today’s economy. They dig into how and why budgeting should be tied to strategy. They will talk about the needs of the various stakeholders in the budget process – users, finance team and executives – and why their participation and ownership is crucial for a solid plan. Click here to watch the webinar.

The New Normal In Higher Ed

Jeff Ginsberg, Budget Director, Bunker Hill Community College
Cheryl Warner, Controller, Northwood University

Higher Education Panel Discussion with Northwood University and Bunker Hill Community College: The New Normal in Higher Education. Hear how leading Colleges and Universities are managing the new normal of decreasing revenue, increasing costs, and unprecedented levels of scrutiny on the Budget. Click here to watch the webinar.

CFO Panel Discussion: What is Budget Accountability?

Howard Buxbaum, VP of Finance and Business Affairs, Drew University
Jill Larsen, CFO, Baptist General Convention of Texas
Linda Roth, CFO, Long Term Care Partners

A distinguished panel of CFOs from leading organizations will discuss how they transformed budgeting into a valued added process and built a culture of budget accountability. They’ll share their insights, experience and results in what promises to be a very informative hour. Click here to watch the webinar.