Financial Sanity from Start to Finish using BudgetPak

A case study with two XLerant customers sharing their stories of issues with using ‘a plethora of monster spreadsheets’, their evaluation process, what they wanted in a budgeting solution, why they didn’t want an Excel-look-alike program, reasons that they chose BudgetPak, and the outcomes they have achieved.


Decentralized Budgeting Meets Headcount Planning

AFP Exchange Magazine explores best practices for headcount planning and key considerations for employing a decentralized approach and engaging department heads in the process. Featuring XLerant customers A.T. Still University and NJM Insurance Group.

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Employee Engagement as a Business Strategy

This eBook explores a new way to look at an old-standard: how a collaborative budgeting process (one in which employees are empowered to make, and be held accountable, for important decisions) can be a valuable business strategy for fostering a culture of innovation and employee engagement.


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Multiplayer Game: Making Multi-participant Budgeting Work

When it comes to budgeting, CFOs and finance staff are clearly the experts. That said, many organizations engage a variety of employees and departments in the process. This AFP Exchange Magazine article presents finance teams with best practices and strategies for successful multi-participant budgeting.

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In Harmony: Collaborative Strategic Budgeting for Fiscal Stability

Featuring case studies and interviews with XLerant customers – this Business Officer Magazine article provides financial leaders with a cross-industry look at how three higher education institutions are innovating to achieve a forward-thinking culture, and tying their budgets to the strategic plan.

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When Budgeting is a Team Sport…

5 Winning Strategies for Multi-participant Budgeting. A well-executed collaborative budgeting process has been proven to return a more accurate budget with increased ownership from participants. Download this eBook for the top tips for a successful (painless) implementation!

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Avoiding the Potential Pitfalls of Collaborative Budgeting

The benefits of a collaborative budgeting approach (more accurate numbers and forecasts, a culture of teamwork and accountability…) far outweigh the challenges. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t potential pitfalls! This eBook addresses key issues for the practical application of “collaborative” budgeting.

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The Finance Executive’s Guide to Ease-of-use

Ease-of-use – how usable and accessible a system is, and how well it functions for all users – can have a significant impact on everything from initial implementation to the long-term success of any new software. Download this guide for everything a finance executive needs to know about ease-of-use.

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Why Budgeting Should Be a Strategic Planning Imperative

This article in Chief Executive Magazine reviews the top 5 reasons for incorporating budgeting into the strategic plan – including tips for success in engaging employees and increasing ownership in the process.

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CFO Panel Discussion: What is Budget Accountability?

A distinguished panel of CFOs share best practices and discuss how they transformed budgeting into a valued added process – building a culture of budget accountability; with: Howard Buxbaum, Drew University; Jill Larsen, Baptist General Convention of Texas; Linda Roth, Long Term Care Partners.

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