Financial Sanity from Start to Finish using BudgetPak

A case study with two XLerant customers sharing their stories of issues with using ‘a plethora of monster spreadsheets’, their evaluation process, what they wanted in a budgeting solution, why they didn’t want an Excel-look-alike program, reasons that they chose BudgetPak, and the outcomes they have achieved.


Finance Leaders Top 5 Takeaways for TODAY

Finance teams speak to their experience moving through the pandemic and beyond. What have we learned, what do we still need to figure out, what’s next – and how do we make that happen in a state of constant change? Finance leaders top 5 takeaways for TODAY.

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Decentralized Budgeting Meets Headcount Planning

AFP Exchange Magazine explores best practices for headcount planning and key considerations for employing a decentralized approach and engaging department heads in the process. Featuring XLerant customers A.T. Still University and NJM Insurance Group.

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In Harmony: Collaborative Strategic Budgeting for Fiscal Stability

Featuring case studies and interviews with XLerant customers – this Business Officer Magazine article provides financial leaders with a cross-industry look at how three higher education institutions are innovating to achieve a forward-thinking culture, and tying their budgets to the strategic plan.

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Employee Engagement as a Business Strategy

This eBook explores a new way to look at an old-standard: how a collaborative budgeting process (one in which employees are empowered to make, and be held accountable, for important decisions) can be a valuable business strategy for fostering a culture of innovation and employee engagement.


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Decision Point: When Is the Right Time to Leave Excel?

Includes key questions and checklists to help determine if it’s the right time for your organization to leave Excel for budgeting, and criteria for reviewing alternative solutions. Case examples from teams who have made the switch, how they justified the investment, and the outcomes they have achieved.

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Avoiding the Potential Pitfalls of Collaborative Budgeting

The benefits of a collaborative budgeting approach (more accurate numbers and forecasts, a culture of teamwork and accountability…) far outweigh the challenges. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t potential pitfalls! This eBook addresses key issues for the practical application of “collaborative” budgeting.

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Sizing Up Zero-Based Budgeting

A closer look at this promising alternative to traditional fiscal planning. Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) can be a game changer for companies and institutions looking for sustainability or innovative ways to achieve a competitive edge.  Examine the pros and cons of this approach to determine if ZBB is right for you!

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Maximize Employee Engagement to Drive Financial Results

Research on employee engagement reveals a measurable impact on an organization’s financial success. Guest speaker Jennifer Eversole CPA, an industry expert in finance and organizational strategy, will explain how finance teams can maximize employee engagement to drive financial results. 

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Strategy Execution with a Balanced Scorecard

Jennifer Eversole CPA, industry leader in finance and organizational strategy, explores the value of incorporating a Balanced Scorecard methodology into strategic planning. Includes best practices for finance teams who are just getting started, as well as tips for those seeking to improve their current approach.

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