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XLerant Heads to CFO Dimensions Event in New York City

The XLerant team is hitting the road next week (though not straying too far from our CT offices!) for the CFO Dimensions event in the heart of NYC. We’ll have the usual booth presence so all the attendees can come meet and greet with us. But even more exciting is that our CEO, Ted Dacko, will take the stage to enlighten the audience with some new insights into the world of budget management.

Ted will be joined on stage by Jason Webster, the CEO and Founder of Archetype Consulting.  Their presentation “The FP&A Paradigm – A Shift From Budgeting to Strategic Planning”, kicks off at 11:30AM on August 22nd,and will cover to the evolving role of financial leadership– and their growing need to engage members across the entire organization in the FP&A process. Jason is a widely published industry expert on the changing trends in financial services.

So, why are so excited for this event? Well, the days of traditional ‘behind-the-desk’ financial roles are gone. Today’s finance execs know they have to lead from the front – and together we can identify and disseminate what’s working best in real-world practice. That’s why we’re thrilled to help re-shape the industry with innovative software solutions.

Be sure to follow the event’s chatter at the twitter hashtag #CFOD13 !

XLerant is a SaaS software solutions company that builds and implements innovative, practical and incredibly powerful browser-based budget preparation software for mid-sized and large organizations and higher education institutions, energizing a “Culture of Budget Accountability” among users. The company serves customers in several industries. XLerant’s premier budgeting and planning application, BudgetPak, replaces spreadsheet-based budgeting and provides maximum user flexibility and financial controls. Improved communication, greater ownership of the numbers and increased transparency enable companies to better manage financial performance throughout the fiscal year.

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