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Distributed Budgeting

At XLerant, we’re changing how budgeting is done… and who’s doing it Our clients use our flagship application, called BudgetPak, to distribute budgeting to the people driving the actual results. To understand why, read on. Who does the budget in your company? Chances are it’s the Finance department. Who drives the actual results of the…    Read More

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RFP’s Don’t Work

  Many organizations still issue RFP’s for selection of software products. Issuing and RFP is an extremely poor way of evaluating software in today’s world, particularly end user software such as budgeting software. RFP’s are generally a generic wish list of historical features and functions that are also normally equally weighted. The process is outdated…    Read More

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You can’t create an Interactive BudgetMap in Excel

Here’s a fundamental problem with the budget process we wanted to address. People don’t like budgeting. That’s really the elephant in the living room we’re all trying to navigate around, isn’t it? Here are some of the words I’ve heard line managers and department heads use to describe budgeting: Stressful… Intimidating… Frustrating… Confusing. I’ve heard…    Read More

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Employee Retention: How Your Budgeting Process Can Help You Engage (And Keep) Your Employees

Replacing lost talent is a challenge…to say the least. It costs employers and managers an extraordinary amount of time, resources, and energy when an employee jumps ship. We’re talking lost productivity, overworked remaining staff, lower overall morale, and lost knowledge – plus recruiting, interviewing, and training costs. According to Hay Group senior principal Mark Royal,…    Read More

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Why Collaborative Budgeting is important during WFH/hybrid work

Whether you refer to it as “decentralized”, “distributed”, or “collaborative”, engaging multiple participants in the budgeting process can be a challenge, especially during today’s WFH/hybrid environment. Department heads are often not experienced in mainstream business practices like budgeting, forecasting and management reporting. Yet, engaging these individuals and gaining their expertise and insight during the budgeting…    Read More

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Overcoming the Twin Traps of Impact Bias and Focalism

In a previous blog we talked about how Impact Bias and Focalism and lead to some really bad decisions. In a nutshell, the problem is we so focus on our personal needs when it come to business decisions — like what budgeting system to buy – that our perceptions get distorted. Like a fun house…    Read More

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