In this issue: Our next release will include Hourly Employee Budgeting. The Learning Series webinars, just for XLerant customers, continues on November 17th with highlights from the latest release – Long-term Projections and Drill-through to G/L transaction detail. Read our latest white paper on “When Budgeting is a Team Sport – 5 Winning Strategies for Multi-Participant Budgeting.”
In this issue: XLerant is featured in the October edition of Business Officer Magazine – “Synchronizing Budgets with Strategy”. Long-term projections, drill-through to transaction level detail and a new look for our out-of-the-box reports will be released at the end of the month. The Learning Series webinars, just for XLerant customers, continues on October 20th with “Employee Configuration Overview.”
News From Client Services – September 2016
In this issue: We won the top industry customer satisfaction rating thanks to all of you! Long-term projections and drill-through to transaction level detail will be in our next release. The Learning Series webinars, just for XLerant customers, continues on September 22nd with “Moving to a New Fiscal Year.” Read our latest white paper on “Maximizing Employee Engagement to Drive Financial Results.”
News From Client Services – March 2016
In this issue: We are proud to present our new XLerant Learning Series, just for XLerant customers.  In this webinar series, we will be covering new features as well as providing refreshers on current features.  Thursday, March 31st we will be presenting: Notes, Files & Categories.  Your Questions Answered: “How do I calculate salary for bi-weekly or monthly pay periods?”
News From Client Services – February 2016
In this issue: As part of our Thought Leadership Series, we have released a series of e-books and whitepapers dedicated to the mission of engaging employees, empowering finance managers and department heads to make more informed decisions so that the strategic objectives of the organization can be met.  Your Questions Answered: “How do I quickly chart some key business indicators?”
News From Client Services – January 2016
In this issue: Detailed forecasting and Shared ActionPaks to be released shortly.  Your Questions Answered: “How do I individually spread the amounts from my line item detail budget method?”  Thinking Differently – Precognition: “A lady knocked at the door of a tiny cottage and when an old lady opened the door she said, “Good morning, Mrs. Turner.” Neither of them had ever met, nor seen or heard of the other before. How did she know the old lady’s name?”
News From Client Services – November 2015

In this issue: A big “Thank you!” to our wonderful clients, Brad McCormick, Russell Litke and Steve Miller, for sharing their insights and stories at the CCBO Roundtable.  Upcoming Features: Detailed forecasting. Bulk mapping and unmapping. Recently added features: myXL Dashboard. Built-in Allocations model. Cash basis pay schedules. Your Questions Answered: “How do I get my users, across the organization, to assign consistent notes to accounts?”

In this issue: New Client Support Desk system!  With this new system, customers will enjoy easy access, logging and tracking the status of a support ticket, FAQ’s and knowledge base, and a community forum exclusively for our existing clients.  We are excited about the new support desk, and hope it enhances your customer experience.  Check us out! – More new features:  New features include benefits by individual employee, single sign-on, and ability to import notes when importing account data.

In this issue:  New Client Support Portal coming soon with Documentation, FAQ’s and QuickStart tutorials.  New Features: You Asked…We’ve delivered, once again! Features include Bulk Start Convenience Feature, New Account Type – Internal Calculation, Import Unit Detail changes and Unit Event defaults in bulk, Hidden Version tag, Reference Unit tag. Dan Brent, AVP Finance at MSPP hosts a webinar with XLerant on The Art of Forecasting.

In this issue:  New features now available! For the Administrator: Define and configure an 8-part calculation, Import calculation constants in bulk via a template…and more! For the User: View a budget currently open in edit mode by another user, Import Line Item Detail from a previous version...and more! New Infographic and Forecasting Webinar!

In this issue:  XLerant in attendance for CCBO, EACUBO conferences, and will be travelling to Plainsboro, NJ for the NJEDGE “Digital Reality” Conference November 20-22:  NJEDge.Net supports its members in their institutional missions by providing collaborative resources and networked information services in support of teaching and learning; research and development; outreach and public service; as well as economic development throughout the state of New Jersey.

In this issue:  XLerant in attendence for CFO Dimensions conference, hosted byProformative. Upcoming Enhancements: Targets by Line Item, Multi-year budgeting.  How do I?… I have different bonuses throughout the year that apply to different groups of employees.  How do I set up the Headcount & Salaries stack to accomodate multiple different bonuses?

In this issue: BudgetPak has moved to the cloud! Follow @XLerant on Twitter, or Like us on Facebook! How Do I…? How do I diagnose the problem when I get an error message using a myXL in-cell function, such as ‘myXLGetAccountValue’?  See you atNACUBO! Thinking Differently… Time of Arrival.

In this issue: Starting the SaaS early adopter program in June.   How Do I?...I need to allocate certain costs into particular departments as well as allocate costs from department to department.  Thinking Differently…. Five frogs!

In this issue: A sneak peak at the SaaS Version Selection Screen.  Did you know... If you get the message “No data returned” when using a myXL function it is most likely because…How Do I…?  I want to use the income and expense data in BudgetPak as Input into my Balance Sheet and Cash Flow model. How do I do that? Webinar:  Six Budget User Personas that Destroy your Process.

In this issue: Getting Closer...BudgetPak is moving to the cloud.  How Do I…?   I want to set some organization-wide assumptions so that my users are all using the same values. However I want to specify which users see which assumptions. How do I do that? Our Perspective: Have a hacker in your system? You do if you are using Excel.

In this issue: How do I?…How can I consolidate units in a report that are not within the same roll-up unit?  BudgetPak is moving to the cloud!  Why you may want to rethink the use of RFPs for software selection.

In this issue: Save the date– User Conference Webinar Feb. 26th.  BudgetPak is moving into the cloud!  How do I?… In some of my users’ Monthly Spreading section, not all of their accounts are spread ‘like last year’…Why not?

In this issue: How do I?…Change driver values across my organization, [from the administrator and budegholder perspective].  Roberts Wesleyan client profile.  Change is good, right?

In this issue: Check out our new EDU gallery and video.  How do I... I just added a number of new accounts into my GL system.  How do I easily add them into BudgetPak so the system stays in sync? Fisher College client profile.  Thinking differently- The Deadly Diamonds.

In this issue: How do I… My assumptions for some of my calculated accounts have changed. How do I apply the new percentage across my entire organization? New Gallery section of our website! Fisher College Client Profile.

In this issue: How do I… Allocate Employees Across Departments, 25,000 Working Days Defining Budgets. The Missing Link: Budgeting and Execution- Organizations budget to ensure what’s important gets done.

In this issue: How do I… Set up lists of Assets? Blogging about Baldrige, The latest release is waiting for you: Headcount Allocations, Multi-level calculations, increased flexibility of Drivers.

In this issue: Our Q2 Release, How Do I …Budget some accounts at a more detailed level than my General Ledger?, Presidential Thought Leadership Series.

In this issue: Upcoming Enhancements: Headcount Allocations, Multi-level Calculations, Improved Drivers Functionality.  How do I… Lock users out of the system when I want to make maintenance changes?”

In this issue: Follow-up from the March User Conference Webinar. Harvard Business Review Blog on Budgeting.  RISD and Malcolm Baldrige. Client Profiles – Baptist General Convention of Texas and American Youth Soccer Organization.

In this issue: You asked, We delivered – Significant reduction in initialization time. More myXL functions. How do I…? Client Profile – Rhode Island School of Design.

In this issue: XLerant Receives Funding. Coming Soon – Enhancements! How do I…? Client Profile – Five new Higher Ed clients.

In this issue: BudgetPak in Business Officer Magazine. ReportBuilder Contest extended due to client demand. How do I… ? Client Profile – Northwood University.

In this issue: Report Builder Contest – Build a Great Report, Get $$. Fresh off the griddle- myXL Report Books! How do I… ? Client Profile – Drew University, Business Officer Magazine.

In this issue: XLerant has Unveiled myXL! ReportBuilder Contest. How do I… ? Stretch Your Brain. Client Profile – Baptist General Convention of Texas.

In this issue: Alert! BudgetPak 3.5 coming September 6th.  How do I… ? Stretch Your Brain. Client Profile – Drew University

In this issue: New Customers. User Conference Webinar. Client Advisory Board. What’s New? Educational & Informative. Talk To Us!