• Situational Budgeting Capability: Because every organization has distinct needs and a unique thought process for approaching each line item, our solution provides multiple budgeting options allowing for maximum flexibility.
  • ActionPaks: Allows users to budget multiple line items at the same time for their department specific projects and initiatives, whose dollars can be easily removed with one click if the project is not approved.
  • Documentation & Justification: Allows users to communicate via detailed documentation or file attachments – expediting the budget approval process.
  • Revenue and Expense Planning: Choice of top-down controls using internal drivers, calculations and allocations to ensure that all departments are budgeting to finance-approved guidelines, or bottom-up flexibility to allow the users to use their departmental expertise to think critically about their numbers.
  • Detailed Headcount and Salary Planning: Provides a secure, step-by-step personnel-level salary planning tool controlled by finance, but with flexibility for the user to plan for all headcount, benefit and salary related changes.
  • Asset Planning: Users choose from a catalog of pre-defined assets set up by finance which automatically creates a complete asset plan by department using consistent accounting methods.
  • Spreading Methodologies: Our solution provides for a variety of powerful and practical real-world spreading methodologies resulting in monthly integrity of your budget and accuracy in variance reporting.
  • Self-service Reporting: With the click of a button, users produce their own P&L, variance, headcount, asset and consolidation reports and send them to Excel, PDF or straight to print.
  • Table-driven Set-Up and Maintenance: Allows finance teams to easily maintain the application without learning a programming language.
  • Embedded Calculations and Drivers: Defined by the finance administrator, and visible to the end-user, these complex calculations and values are guaranteed to be accurate, which you can’t ensure in Excel.
  • Allocations: Control the assignment of headcount across multiple units or transfer amounts across accounts for precise allocation of amounts.
  • Automated Approval Workflow: Tracks users through multiple versions of the budget so Finance and Senior Management can oversee the process and can take immediate action.
  • Security: Finance controls all user access and can hide data when necessary.
  • Complete transparency: At any time, Finance can see all details down to the account level, and report, in real-time, at any level of the organization.