Headcount Planning & Budgeting

8 Quick Tips to Avoid Headcount Planning & Budgeting Headaches

The Headaches of Headcount Planning: For most organizations – headcount planning (including salary and benefits) accounts for a whopping 50-80% of your budget. So…it’s critical to your bottom line (and your staff morale) to get it right. But there are a lot of moving parts – not the least of which is confidence that you…    Read More

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zero-based budgeting

To ZBB or Not to ZBB? Evaluating Zero Based Budgeting.

To ZBB or not to ZBB? For finance teams considering the pros and cons of zero based budgeting – that is the question! Zero based budgeting offers a lot of benefits for organizations seeking greater sustainability or a competitive edge.  But it also has a fair number of challenges. Traditional baseline budgeting (using the previous…    Read More

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business budgeting

Documentation & Justification: The not-so-secret recipe for successful distributed budgeting.

It might seem obvious – but when your distributed budgeting process engages multiple participants across the organization it becomes as much an exercise in communication as an analysis of the numbers.  “Multi-participant” or distributed budgeting works best when budget managers are able to document their assumptions, delineate how these costs align to key strategic objectives,…    Read More

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budgeting plan

Budgeting as an employee engagement strategy?

Budgeting as an employee engagement strategy? Yes, it sounds ridiculous. Who looks forward to budgeting? For most of us the answer is: “Not me, not ever.” So how can budgeting (a process that is as dreaded as a dentist appointment or tax season) actually improve employee engagement? At the core – it’s about having your…    Read More

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Employee Retention: How Your Budgeting Process Can Help You Engage (And Keep) Your Employees

Replacing lost talent is a challenge…to say the least. It costs employers and managers an extraordinary amount of time, resources, and energy when an employee jumps ship. We’re talking lost productivity, overworked remaining staff, lower overall morale, and lost knowledge – plus recruiting, interviewing, and training costs. According to Hay Group senior principal Mark Royal,…    Read More

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Accounting for Special Projects: Budgeting for Strategic Initiatives

To state the obvious: budgeting is complex.  Budgeting for strategic initiatives or accounting for special projects makes it even more so. Organizations normally want their department heads to hit some targeted expense number in the budget process. They set corporate guidelines and ask each department to stay within those guidelines.  But there are almost always…    Read More

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Top 5 Evaluation Criteria for Nonprofit Budgeting Solutions

Many people feel that “budgeting is budgeting” regardless of the organization that you are in. That is not always the case. Nonprofit budgeting is a great example. Effective, precise budgeting is far more essential in an organization with slim margins and organizations that need to carefully manage cash. No where is this more true than…    Read More

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