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It Takes A Village To Build A Budget

There’s no doubt that Finance runs the budget process, and probably should. But we can get so focused on the mechanics of getting the budget done, that we can almost forget that it takes a village to build it. Let’s keep in mind that the purpose of budget process is to allocate resources, and a…    Read More

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Focalism - XLerant

How Impact Bias and Focalism Make for Bad Decisions

People who study purchasing behavior have discovered a curious phenomenon they call Impact Bias. It’s a tendency to overestimate the impact a particular change will have. There’s another phenomenon called Focalism; the tendency to magnify the importance of one thing until it overshadows everything else. Taken together, Impact Bias and Focalism distort reality, like a…    Read More

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Thinking Businessman - XLerant

Budget Strategies for Non-Profits in an Uncertain Economy

In a previous blog we talked about the unique challenges of budgeting in the not for profit sector ( ) We were overwhelmed by the response, and decided to follow it up with a live webinar. View the webinar recording, to hear directly from two leading CFOs who will share their experience in overcoming the…    Read More

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Steve Jobs and Bill Gates - XLerant

Budgeting: Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

According to a recent survey (multiple surveys in fact) most organizations are still using Excel for budgeting. Part of the explanation for that, of course, is “it’s free”. But it’s also because we in Finance have a bias for spreadsheets. No self respecting accountant or finance professional would back down from the challenge of building…    Read More

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